Llyn Clague
Glass Door Knob

         Glass Door Knob

Old-fashioned as auntie’s lace,

so different from modern brass –

a smooth surface reflecting light

like dull yellow glass: it slowly


draws you inside, like your heart

searching through your childhood

for a core you you half-remember –

where a dozen slanted facets

refract, and scatter, light.



in the middle of anything

a PR man’s solemn declamation

(manicured fingers touching sincere left lapel)

of his client’s love of winsome orphans

in the middle of anything

jagged edges of anxiety over your job

the trembling recognition of aging


you may see, hand in hand, an electric couple

whispering smiling nuzzling sauntering

down the mere street

him gangly rakish, her russet petite

magnified leaf in razored clarity blurred tree


a freeway-as-parking lot during rush hour

a movie line snaking around the block

in the middle of anything

him blond muscular, her tall black skinny

young in love with love, with each other, with leaf and tree

light quick itching absorbed exulting

her buzz-cut blue-eyed, her short and wispy

with love alive alive in love


in the middle of anything




              Spring – spring!

How I’m ready for spring!

March, and still twenty degrees

at dawn, but so tantalizing

as day dawdles toward fifty at noon!


How I’m ready for tulips,

daffodils, banality of blossoms!

Twigs show the tiniest color –

Sprout! I cry.  Sprout, sprout!


How I’m ready for the ice

on the lake of intellect to break up!

Rivers – rise!  Flood!  Carry floes

of frozen analysis away!


How I’m ready for re-birth!

Beetles, bugs, pups, cubs!

Clutch of clichés, brood of eternal

urges!  In seven decades of spring –


never have I been so ready!

Comments from Readers

"This collection is Clague at his best."  

"His poems are, by turn, whimsical, euphoric, poignant, and wistful."  "

A must-read -- and what a joy!"

"A marvelous collection.  Great scope and variety." 

"A poetic voice of many registers, by turns funny, touching, searing."  

"Endless pleasures and surprises."

"I forgot how much I enjoyed this book!"